For the past ten years I have taught film and voice acting workshops to over two hundred actors annually. From beginner to award winning performers, I have developed a flexible and positive teaching style that can be catered to each individual.

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"The "Taking it off the Page" Acting method learned in this class is a game changer !......Joshua knows how to get your best work out of every performance!"Actor - Eric Noel

"I took Joshua's 5 week voice acting workshop and I believe I learned a lot that could benefit my career in the future. He always emailed back within 24 hours about any questions you had throughout the workshop. I learned a lot about the art of voice acting and also a lot of very useful skills. His courses are very educative and definitely worthwhile." Teen Voice Actor - Rebecca Ryan

"I highly recommend Joshua's Principal/Lead/Actor Workshop to actors of any age! My 15 year old son grew tremendously, as a result of Joshua's instruction, honest feedback, and commitment beyond the class. Noting that my son's monologue wasn't the right fit, Joshua spent extra time seeking out age appropriate material and working with him outside of the class to help him prepare. He feels much more knowledgeable, prepared, comfortable and confident going into auditions. Coincidence that he landed a commercial right after Joshua's workshop? I think not!" -Parent Richelle Williams of Actor Locke Williams

Joshua’s workshop on memory not only taught me a new way to approach learning the text of a script, but also how to better emotionally connect with the character. I highly recommend it!...Actor - Paula Feener, Nova Scotia

This course was absolutely amazing. I feel I learned so much and really improved as an actor. I was disappointed when the day ended and can't wait to do more work with Josh in the future. Thank you so much!!! Actor - Danielle Sarty, Nova Scotia

"I definitely recommend the voice acting workshop that Joshua led. Not only was it fun and engaging, I also learned how to strengthen my weak spots, and got a hang of how the basics of the business works, which is something I never picked up anywhere else. It was a great time for sure!"Voice Actor - Randy Zwicker

"I've always had trouble being in the moment and was okay with learning my lines. I heard about Joshua's emotional acting memory five week workshop. It was the best decision I could have ever made! It is an amazing journey through what acting really should be, I won't spoil anything, just take that journey. Joshua is also one of the best acting coaches I've ever meet, and a really talented actor that will help you with anything that you need!" Actor - Juan Camilo Arboleda

"It was very cool to feel my own ability to learn and connect with scripts and characters grow over the weeks of the five week, on-camera workshop. The difference in performance from the beginning of the workshop to the end (as evidenced in my own ability, as well as my classmates) was truly noteworthy. Joshua is a fantastic and effective teacher and I would recommend his workshops to anyone looking to become a more authentic actor." Actor - Melissa Evans

"I recently completed the Voice Acting and On Camera Workshops and can highly recommend both for the wealth of insight I received into the world of acting as well as myself as an actor. The time and personalization Joshua invests in his students is exceptional and I will always appreciate him as a teacher." Voice Artist - Allyson Leigh

"I just completed Joshua's 5 week Acting Course and I couldn't wait to sign up for the Voice Acting Course. Joshua was professional and very knowledgeable..he was always available between classes via e-mail. Each student had ample opportunity before the camera and we were able to see our progress from week to week. At the end of the course Joshua edited and sent us a copy of our monologue and scene. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in getting into acting. It was a blast!!" Actor - Lee Surrette

"Joshua's lectures are very informative and they provide a lot of useful advice as well as tips that will all benefit your acting career. They are certainly well worth your time and prove to be an invaluable source of knowledge coming from someone who has had many years of experience in the business. Looking forward to the next one!" Actor - Jason Morley

Since the camera sees every time an actor isn't truly in the moment, I wanted to find out how to easily stay emotionally connected with any scene I'm in while giving the best, most authentic performance I could. Amazed at the difference between how full-time working as well as famous actors could learn a character without memorizing text or using other techniques part-time actors used, I wanted to dive deep and learn more about the psychology and neurology of memory, emotion and how it connected to acting. After years of study, I discovered how emotional memory operates from a neurological standpoint and how quickly one can learn their characters and lines without having to spend pointless hours memorizing their lines. The result; actors performances were stronger, more authentic and unique than they had ever been. Experienced actors will see how method acting, as well as other famous and classical acting techniques play a role in emotional memory. To my knowledge, this has been the first time an acting coach has combined the science of emotional memory with the art-form of acting.

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