Intense and exciting enough to grab an audience’s attention right away!

July 2, 2017 - My original TV pilot script 'Soaked' received its feedback from the international screenwriting competition BlueCat Screenplay

The final decision to see if I have gone further into the competition will come out August 15th. With that being said the review from one of BlueCat Screenplay's experienced industry readers and judges has already stirred cause for enthusiasm:

"Your cold open was strong. It was tense and exciting enough to grab an audience’s attention right away, and it was funny and bizarre enough to hold their attention through to the end of the scene and the start of the episode. An audience is going to be instantly invested in watching the episode, if only to find out why Pen was on the bow in the middle of a storm screaming about there being no whales. You also did a nice job in your description of succinctly and clearly defining each of your series regulars. Though we only met most of them for the briefest of moments, it was clear through those small interactions what their personalities are and how they will interact with one another throughout the series. It was a good idea to make your main character, Pen, a newbie to the world of cruise ship life, as this was a nice way to also introduce your audience to the colorful cast of characters aboard the ship and the way things work."