This script, though short, has an incredibly distinct (and adorable) tone to it! It combines the whimsical humor and vibe of Wes Anderson’s style with an inspirational, easily-accessible story of making dreams come true. The narration consistently and insightfully relays the mood of the narrative, while your firm grasp on effective visual writing carries the plot along swimmingly with minimal dialogue. The important symbols and metaphors are all carefully and clearly articulated, making this an experience as educational as it is entertaining.

The fact that only two real characters appear in this script works wonders for it. Not only does it prevent any derivative, dead-end subplots from impeding the flow of the story, but it keeps the focus intently upon the well-grounded personalities we come to love, as well. Monkey’s arc is emotionally vibrant, with plenty of backstory to justify your readers cheering for her eventual accomplishments. And the fact that Old Scientist Monkey’s dreams coincide with (and very nicely compliment) Monkey’s own aspirations only augments the satisfaction of this closure.

April 23, 2018 Script Review



After a cannonball lands on Monkey’s coffee table, she’s given a second chance to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming the first monkey astronaut.


This children's story is meant to inspire any child to follow their dreams, while also igniting the passionate child within all of us. The goal is to turn this into a twenty minute short film, or a five, four minute episodic mini-series. Dependent on funding, this will either be a traditional stop motion short or a cartoon in the style of stop-motion animation. To read the script, simply contact the writer, Joshua Young by Clicking Here