2014, 2015 and now in 2016, my feature film PUSHED, a woman-led, multi-cultural story taking place in the 1930s has received a one out of two positive score from the Academy's readers. Given its consistent positive scores, with upcoming professional script consulting and I am confident 2017 will bring this story into the quarter finalists or further.

One year following its premiere at the Atlantic Film Festival's red carpet Showcase Gala, UNA FORMA DE PARTIR / A WAY TO GO, a short which received $30,000 in funding, is now airing on CBC's Reel East Coast. More news to come on film festivals for this short which had its beginnings as a script finalist in Vancouver's screenwriting competition, The Cold Reading Series.






Two years in a row, SOAKED, a half-hour comedy about the behind-the-scenes life onboard a failing cruise ship, has become a Quarter-Finalist at the PAGE Awards. This means out of 6,300 entries, this script has gotten into the top 10% for both 2015 and 2016!

In 2015, SOAKED was also semi-finalist in the Pilot Launch TV Script contest, placing in the top 40 out of 1,600 pilots worldwide.

The short film I produced and co-wrote with actor/comedian Brian MacQuarrie (from the comedy troupe Picnicface) and John Dunsworth (actor from the hit series Trailer Park Boys), was accepted into the National Screen institute.

To view the whole short, Click Here

A glowing review for my original comedy pilot, 'Soaked'

Looks like my original TV comedy pilot, 'Soaked' is still making waves. The original version has been in the top 40 in multiple Hollywood screenwriting competitions out of thousands of scripts throughout multiple years. But this year I took a shot in the dark and decided to do a major re-write. I loved my original version but felt it was time to explore the story a bit more. If this review is any indication, it was a good move. I can't reveal the entire review as it gives away a lot of the plot. But here is an excerpt:

"Your cold open was strong. It was tense and exciting enough to grab an audience’s attention right away, and it was funny and bizarre enough to hold their attention through to the end of the scene and the start of the episode. An audience is going to be instantly invested in watching the episode, if only to find out why Pen was on the bow in the middle of a storm screaming about there being no whales. You also did a nice job in your description of succinctly and clearly defining each of your series regulars. Though we only met most of them for the briefest of moments, it was clear through those small interactions what their personalities are and how they will interact with one another throughout the series. It was a good idea to make your main character, Pen, a newbie to the world of cruise ship life, as this was a nice way to also introduce your audience to the colorful cast of characters aboard the ship and the way things work."